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Graphic Design
Website Design

Our team has experience of creating sleek, user-centric websites across diverse industries. 


The service includes:

A design brief and consultation with you to understand your intentions and vision
5 website pages
Ability to take bookings and payments for services and/or products
Specialist SEO add-on available
Hosting and domain registration charged at cost

Click the images below to see some of the websites we've created

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Web Design_4.png
Web Design_3.png
Web Design_2.png
Web Design_6.png
Web Design_5.png
Case Study: Dance Academy

We recently created a new website for the Amy-Leigh Academy Of Dance based in Cambridge. The owner of the dance academy, Amy, had been running a successful dance school for a number of years. However as more pupils joined the school, it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage the admin side of the business with manual processes. Tasks such as manually booking group classes and private lessons, event ticketing, uniform sales, and spreadsheet management became a cumbersome undertaking.

Amy PNG.png

We created a brand new website to solve all of those challenges, and make marketing even easier. The new website has the following features:

Amy App.png

The website is complemented by a corresponding app, further simplifying tasks for users via their mobile devices. With the added convenience of saving contact and payment details, reserving a class or placing an order is effortlessly achieved with just a few clicks.

  • Streamlined Booking and Payment: Pupils can effortlessly reserve and pay for both group classes and private dance lessons.

  • Attire and Vouchers: The website facilitates the purchase of uniforms and versatile gift vouchers, applicable to bookings or products.

  • Event Access: Booking tickets for competitions and engaging workshops is now seamless.

  • Personalised Member Area: A dedicated space empowers parents to effectively oversee their bookings, orders, and event commitments.

  • Quick Access to Information: An FAQ section caters to parents’ queries.

  • Welcoming Newcomers: A “New Starters” page serves as a hub for registration and media consent forms.

  • Team Showcase: Staff members shine in individual bios on the team page.

  • Dance Insights: The website elaborates on various dance styles and classes on offer.

  • Direct Connection: Communication with Amy is a breeze through the integrated contact form.

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